New Beginnings

Today’s a crazy day. Really, it is.

Okay, maybe it’s not crazy. Maybe it’s just another day in a string of days, but it’s a big step for our family… things are changing, moving forward, all that good stuff.

Logan begins PreSchool at 9am.  Nine in the morning! That means I have to wake up at, like, seven. Whaat? I don’t do that. Unless I have a doctor’s appointment at an ungodly hour or something, and then I do.  Anyhow, so, PreSchool.  I’m having a huge emotional moment over this because in all his three years, he hasn’t ever been away from me for more than a few hours, and the only people who have watched him are family and very close friends.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself through the day without him here. It’s only two days a week, but the number of free-time hours that’s going to give me is cray-cray.

Also happening… Our third round of IVF started last night.  Lupron shots to the abdomen FTW!  So far, so good. One down, however many more to go. Thankfully, this is a frozen cycle. Thaaat means, no crazy horrible ovary stimulation which will cause me horrible pain and discomfort for days on end. Woot!

Check back later in the week for an update on the cycle and some reviews of some things that I either loved or hated.  It’s one or the other!



kikki.K – weekly decoration

I’m lazy and horrible. Actually, we’ve just all been sick and I had no energy left to video this week’s decorating. Because he’s awesome, my dear hubby took some photos of the pages for me instead once I’d muddled through the prettification. So, my lovelies, thanks to Josh we all get to see the gorgeous thing (ha!) that is my Berry kikki.K decorated for the week of September 8th through 14th.  Thanks, honey!

Full View of the kikki.K week on two pages layoutHere’s an overview of the week on two pages (WO2P) layout that I threw together for this week. I was quite literally as uninspired as I could possibly be, so I grabbed up the nearest stickers, matched some washi to it, and slapped some stuff on the paper.  I hadn’t, at this point, added in any of my appointments or any of my main to-do lists; I’d just placed a few things for the purpose of the pictures. (They’re legit to-do items, they’re just not ALL of the to-do items!)

I’ll do my best to actually make a video this coming weekend for the next week.

If you want to see previous decorating videos, click here for my YouTube playlist.



IVF – Round Three

Hey, lovelies.

Some of you may know that Josh and I had to use in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to have our son.  It was hard, the pregnancy was harder, and it’s taken us a long while (over 3 years!) to get to the point to where we’re comfortable going forward with trying for baby #2 to complete our family.

We decided that this year was the year. Logan’s 99% potty trained (still has a few accidents at night) and he’s a huge help to me around the house. Well, as much help as a toddler can be, anyway.

So, we decided to go forward with another cycle… and, well, it didn’t work. We tried a fresh cycle in July/August, transferred one blastocyst, and it didn’t take.  Weirdly, while I was sad, I wasn’t overly upset. Josh was the same, I think, though both of us were understandably disappointed. We want a second child and, to be frank, this process is just bleeping expensive!

The clinic made us take a month off, but we’re back in cycle again (as of the 10th!) and moving forward with a frozen transfer. The medications are different this time, thank the sweet wonderful goodness, but I’m still not looking forward to daily injections, sometimes twice daily, and hormonal supplement pills and…ugh!  …That’s not a complaint. Really, it’s not. I’m just venting a little, I suppose. This process is GOING to work this time. I have to have faith that the doctors will make it happen.

If you want to follow along with the process, check back here.  I’ll be doing once-a-week updates on the process, or more if things get cray-cray.


Time just slips away…

Wow. Okay, so, here’s the deal.

We went to Disneyland for over a week. Then…I had to have emergency gallbladder removal surgery. THEN my Mom showed up to visit…for three weeks, yay! So I’ve been way way way busy and just really unable to focus on blogging. My book review blog is suffering as well, so… well, them’s the shakes! I promise, though, these things will be up and running and going smoothly soon. There’s two more days of Mom’s visit that I plan to fully enjoy, then it’s back to business.

Thanks for being patient, guys!

Hello, and welcome!

So, here we go.  My friend Lindsay and I will be posting all sorts of goodies here for you. There will be beauty related things – such as reviews and tutorials, there’ll be scrapbooking and card making posts, Mommy things, hauls, yada yada, we’re going for a plethora of awesome.

So, if you’re just joining us, welcome, and if you’ve been following either of us for a while on Twitter or Instagram, hey to you, too!