kikki.K – weekly decoration

I’m lazy and horrible. Actually, we’ve just all been sick and I had no energy left to video this week’s decorating. Because he’s awesome, my dear hubby took some photos of the pages for me instead once I’d muddled through the prettification. So, my lovelies, thanks to Josh we all get to see the gorgeous thing (ha!) that is my Berry kikki.K decorated for the week of September 8th through 14th.  Thanks, honey!

Full View of the kikki.K week on two pages layoutHere’s an overview of the week on two pages (WO2P) layout that I threw together for this week. I was quite literally as uninspired as I could possibly be, so I grabbed up the nearest stickers, matched some washi to it, and slapped some stuff on the paper.  I hadn’t, at this point, added in any of my appointments or any of my main to-do lists; I’d just placed a few things for the purpose of the pictures. (They’re legit to-do items, they’re just not ALL of the to-do items!)

I’ll do my best to actually make a video this coming weekend for the next week.

If you want to see previous decorating videos, click here for my YouTube playlist.



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