New Beginnings

Today’s a crazy day. Really, it is.

Okay, maybe it’s not crazy. Maybe it’s just another day in a string of days, but it’s a big step for our family… things are changing, moving forward, all that good stuff.

Logan begins PreSchool at 9am.  Nine in the morning! That means I have to wake up at, like, seven. Whaat? I don’t do that. Unless I have a doctor’s appointment at an ungodly hour or something, and then I do.  Anyhow, so, PreSchool.  I’m having a huge emotional moment over this because in all his three years, he hasn’t ever been away from me for more than a few hours, and the only people who have watched him are family and very close friends.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself through the day without him here. It’s only two days a week, but the number of free-time hours that’s going to give me is cray-cray.

Also happening… Our third round of IVF started last night.  Lupron shots to the abdomen FTW!  So far, so good. One down, however many more to go. Thankfully, this is a frozen cycle. Thaaat means, no crazy horrible ovary stimulation which will cause me horrible pain and discomfort for days on end. Woot!

Check back later in the week for an update on the cycle and some reviews of some things that I either loved or hated.  It’s one or the other!




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